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RaSpyCam (Remote Access Spy Camera)

« RaSpyCam » is a nomadic HD security camera (1280 x 720 pixels) that encloses a 250 GB internal storage and a 4G device to broadcast live video to a web browser at any time upon request of the investigator. An embedded manual x30 optical zoom can read a licence plate or recognize a face up to 100 meters from the camera.

caméra 3G avec 250 Go de stockage

RaSpyCam can be easily covered up by a tissue box or hidden in a car, an apartment, ...

caméra espion taille d'une boite à mouchoir

During the startup, an optional monitor can be plugged to the RaSpyCam to check and adjust the angle of view.


it is so intuitive that no special knowledge or training is required to use it. Plug it to a 12V power source (ac adaptor or car battery) and it will automatically turn on and record video. RaSpyCam continuously records HD video on the internal 250 GB SSD. When connected to a 12v 40A battery car the RaSpyCam can record HD video for 3.5 days.

When the mission is over, unplug the RaSpyCam from the power source to stop the video recording. Then connect the RaSpyCam to your PC or Macintosh using an USB cable (not included) and copy all the video files from the RaSpyCam to the PC and delete the files from the RaSpyCam.

Once the copy is done, run the iVME software (provided with the RaSpyCam) on your PC (or Macintosh) to automatically create a video file that will only contain the motions extracted from all the video files.

When the RaSpyCam is recording, and thanks to the internal 4G modem, the investigator can log at anytime on the RaSpyCam from any web browser to manage and see live video. The features are :

  • Live video broadcasting,
  • Schedule and manage recording time.
  • Display the recorded video using a simple form.
  • Change the camera name according to your case.
  • Choose the length of each video files stored in the RaSpyCam.



  • Size : 200 x 110 x 65 mm
  • Power source : 12 V (not included)
  • Internal ssd disk space : 250 GB (included)
  • Internal 4G LTE device (SIM card non provided)
  • x30 Optical zoom

Parcel content
  • 1 RaSpyCam security camera
  • 1 AC-DC 12v EU converter adapter
  • 1 wire to connect the RaSpyCam to a car battery
  • 1 CD-Rom with RaSpyCam PDF user manual
  • iVME software to extract motions from the video files recorded in the RaSpyCam

Quick Start Guide
  • Record : Plug the RaSpyCam to a 12v power source
  • See live video : Use a web browser to log on the RaSpyCam web service using your login/password
  • Copy video files recorded on the RaSpyCam to a PC : Plug an USB cable between the RaSpyCal and a PC (or a Mac).
  • Sale : 1500 euros HT per RaSpyCam. Add 200 euros HT per year to get access to the RaSpyCam web service. Important : SIM card and monitor are optional
  • Rent : 100 euros HT per week plus H&S.


Contact us to get a login/password to connect to the online RaSpyCam.

Note : The RaSpyCam is only sold to Law Enforcement.